Sunday, 18 September 2016

Sunday Update! 9/18/2016

So as another part of putting together a better routine on social media and promotion of my artistic endeavours I've decided to make Sunday evenings my roundup night here on my blog along with some words on current and future projects.

-Topic the first-

A successful week of sketching towards my next convention project! 6 out of 20 planned images have been roughed out and I'm hoping that in two weeks time I will be ready to start on the cleaned versions! It will be much clearer as to what final project these will all factor into when the lineart is clean.

Behold, the adorableness.


-Topic the Second-

Overall, things are going well on adapting to near daily updates to my multiple social media outlets. I've been trying to make sure at the very least one of the above images in the sketch project gets posted to tumblr, twitter, facebook and instagram. I've got to take a look at designing maybe one new thing a week to put up on my Society 6 Page to keep things fresh and moving on there.

-Topic the Third-

Boardgame art! I'm currently in a holding pattern for a prototype boardgame a fellow contacted me about a while back, I submitted the following pieces in a bid for the opportunity and was overjoyed to be taken on to do their card artwork.

So until my contractor can resume production i'm on hiatus, but I'm super stoked to do some more bleak 'Walking Deadesque' style prison artwork when things get rolling again. Keep tuned for more previews.

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